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Jagdish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art


Although the Jagdish and Kamla Mittal Collection is one of the premiere collections of Indian art in the country, at the present time, it lacks a building of it's own where this exceptional collection of Indian art could be properly displayed.

The trustees of the collection are hoping for suitable grants or sponsor that will enable them to display the art works in Hyderabad, home of Jagdish and Kamla Mittal, who persevered over several decades in putting together this unique and incomparable collection.

If you can be of assistance in this regard, please contact the museum trustees:

Jagdish & Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art,
1-2-214/6 Gagan Mahal Road,
HYDERABAD-500029, India.
Phone:  040-763-1561



Folk Art